The practice of English

A language is practiced.

It is through practice that we come to discover and love a language. English is known to be a difficult language to learn. This is true for those who do not have it as their native language. Just as French appears difficult for the French-speaking person, in some of these aspects.

In reality, the learning of a language is based on its practice, which systematically integrates grammar, vocabulary, etc.

In a natural way, the child who learns a language only imitates his parents. He imitates his mother, father, brothers, sisters and friends. We note that by dint of repeating what he hears, in the context of his social relationships, he discovers the language, he learns to love it and manipulate it. He doesn’t know what grammar, vocabulary, spelling, etc. is. He naturally assimilates all his concepts and ends up integrating them.

This is the path par excellence of learning. All human beings have gone through this stage. This is your case, and you have no doubt about it.

Today, the adult who learns a language wants to get his message across, to be understood and to interact. This is the first step for everyone. To do this, you need to practice, just practice to acquire the basics and integrate into your environment.

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Posted by Hello Bonjour on Sunday, August 30, 2020

It is to this goal that we want to lead you.

If it is also yours, welcome to Hello Bonjours, because here we practice the language.

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